Food Bank of the Rockies
every third Wednesday
line up begins at 8am

All are welcome to eat, to help, to entertain, to enjoy.  

The more the merrier!!

Call Ali 719-486-4731 for more information, or just show up.

The community meals at St George's grew out of our desire, as a community of faith, to know our neighbors.  Food is the way we cultivate and celebrate our growing connection.  All are welcome, and we seek to create a table that nourishes through healthy, delicious food, and genuine connection, and the mutual giving and receiving that we find upon meeting one another.  We try, as much as possible, to confuse the issue about who is giving and who is receiving. The meals nourish us all.

Meals are shared Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 11:30

and Saturdays at 5pm.

‚ÄčSaint George Episcopal Church